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Three Mystery Connectors Behind Dash

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I just finished installing a new dash pad in my 78 TA and of course I have connectors that I have no idea where they go.  I took everything apart 3 years ago and lost all my digital photos I took for reference.  All the switches and gauges are hooked up. 

This is what I got:  (I know the photo is not that great)
(1) Male Connector with 3 Female Spades inside
1 - Two Green Wires
1 - Red
1 - Brown

(2) Male 5 Hole Connector w/ only 4 Female Spades inside
1 - Green (from previous Male Connector)
1 - Brown (from previous Male Connector)
1 - Orange
1 - Black

(3) Female Connector w/ 5 Male Spades inside
1 - Yellow
1 - Green
1 - Blue
1 - Tan
1 - Orange

Thanks so much for the help!

Looks like rear window defogger relay and switch and AC harness.

Ok.  So I don't have the rear window defogger so I can forget that one.  Does the Heater connector connect to a separate harness that comes through the firewall?  I do have A/C.  Maybe A/C harness connector?
Thank you!

Yes, ignore the rear defogger if not an option. Yes, check the ac harness that comes from the firewall side.

& remember, these connectors are made to only go to the proper corresponding item... so if you dont know what they are just look around under the dash or on the steering column to find the part that looks like the connector,  i.e. 3 prongs on the connector will mate to 3 prongs on the item. 


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