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Tires on 17x9 Snowflakes


Just bought new Yearone 17x9 snowflakes to put all around my 1979 TA with 400 Pontiac 4 speed. Any suggestions for tires?
Thanks in advance!

depends on the ride height of the car.  if its anywhere near stock or even up to 2" lower you want a tire close to the height of a stock tire, 27-27.5", otherwise it wont fill the wheel well & will not look right IMO.  plus on these cars the sidewall of the tire really helps the ride of the car... to thin of a sidewall & it will ride rougher than they already do. 

On stock height cars, a 255/50R17 will fill the wheel well gap well. Most users of 17 x 9 snowflakes use 275/40R17s and end up lowering their Birds and TAs 1-2" to close the gap.



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