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Hey guys,

I'm new to the forum and have got to say its great to see all the interest in the TA and the passion everyone has for them. After being without one since 1982, I finally got around to picking one up in 2015 from Florida and bringing up to Ottawa. It's a 1980 Pace Car which at the time had 7500 original miles, all original interior and about 80% original body (touch ups and exhaust).

I am starting to get some mild bottoming out in the rear end going over bumps. Can you guys tell me what you think are the best aftermarket shocks for the TA's with the WS6 ? I'm not looking for a modern high performance unit, not because of cost but I want to keep the ride and performance as close to original as I can. I hear a lot about Kyb's when it comes to replacement but want to know what you think....



I would check the condition of the leaf springs also.  Don't spend the money on just the shocks if the springs are weak.  You do mention low miles but if original, they are very old.  I got my 78 TA back in 1983 and the springs were already pretty shot when I got it.  Not sure if they were made a little on the weak side or what.  Leaf Springs are not too expensive and that might really tighten the back end up.

Does it still have the original shocks?

Thanks for the comments. Yes, the suspension is all original. In my drive to keep as much of the car original as possible, I was hoping I could just swap out the rear shocks. But that is a good point with the springs. The question then becomes whether I switch out the suspension all around. Not crazy about having front end original and rear aftermarket. I haven't driven a classic since I had my new TA back in 1980 and compared to today's cars, this drives a bit like a bus  ;) albeit a great handling bus.

So back to the original question on best brand to reproduce the original feel. Any ideas guys ? 

Sorry, can't help with "original feel" suspension parts.  I installed a complete front and rear Pro Touring F-Body suspension on my 78.  I was going for max handling.  One day I am hoping to run on some autocross courses.  I am sure someone out there will have some good info on replacement OEM components. 


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