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steel control arm bushings for street use


Anyone use the steel bushings for the upper or lower control arms? would they work on the street? The delrin or delalum are out of my price range and I hear poly only squeaks bad so figured maybe the steel might be better then going back rubber?

F-body International:
I think I responded to this same post from you but on another forum recently.  I'm working on doing up a set of stock controls with the AFCO steel bushings right now.  They're pretty nice.  Most people report positive results with PTFB upper control arms which have a similar overall design so I think you'll be fine.

You will need two (20098) and two (20099) upper control arm bushing from them to use on your stock cross shaft.   I got mine from Dave at Pro-Touring F-Body.  In regards to the lower control arm bushings, you'll probably have to use the nylon/steel version if you have later style frame that uses the 9/16" bolt.  AFCO does offer a cheap steel lower bushing but I found out recently it's only for 1/2" bolt size like on early 2nd gen frames. 

An upgrade some guys on the NastyZ28 forum do for cheap is use offset cross shaft from Moog.  This gets you slightly more camber adjustment from a stock arm for cheap.  From there, you could also throw a +.5" or even +1" extended length upper ball joint.

Keep us posted here on what you do!

sadly I ended up with just stock rubber ones. I do have to buy a cross shaft fo rone so I had seen those moog offset deals.


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