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How to remove the 4 bolts that are behind the brake booster


OK, so  I have managed to remover proportional  valve and master cylinder.

How do I go bout removing the 4 bolts that are behind the break booster?  Is there a special wrench needed to get way down there to remove them? There is almost no room. Help Anyone. Thanks

Just patience. Or buy a couple of cheap spanners that you can grind the heads down on, or weld a longer bent handle onto.

just need to get creative... & patience helps too.  you can get a normal wrench on the bolts but helps to have smaller hands & you will need to contort your arm some to move the wrench.  or a smaller 1/4" drive rathcet & socket works too. 

highway star:
I think I used a distributor wrench, has the 90 degree ends.

Thank you all. I used a combination of wrenches...gear ratchet, long wrenches, short wrenches. Bust knuckles, cuts and lots of patience. One thing that helped a whole lot was removing the hood. Made it so much easier.

The ratchet wrench worked when taking of the booster but on the new one the ratchet end was to thick to get it on. I do not have a grinder so I could not grind the sides down.

So it was mostly 1/4 turns for the 2 bottom bolts. Bench bled  cylinder,,,everything back on now. Now onto brake bleeding.

BTW..bought units from the Right Detail...They told me that I do not have to do anything with the proportional valve when bleeding the brakes.

I had read here that the button had to be depressed while bleeding the brakes. They told me not to mess with it.

Thank you all for your responses. Very Helpful


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