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1981 Trans Am restoration. Got the car for almost free so decided to restore. The car was a 301 cid turbo but going back with 400 cid A/C equipped, which weighs more than the original engine. I'm not interested in lowering any, I just want a good, solid looking and handling street stance. What are your recommendations on rear leaf and front coil setup? Thanks......

its a crap shoot trying to get stock replacement springs that will sit at exactly the same stock height.  will probably require installing them to check height then removing them to cut for the height you want & reinstalling. 

ive seen quite a few turbo t/a's that have been converted to 400/455's & they kept the original WS6 springs & teh car sat about the same as with the 301t.  while the 301 engine is lighter than a traditional pontiac v8, once you factor in the weight of the turbo parts its not that much of a difference... especially if you use an alum intake on the 400.  if the stock springs sit at a decent height, i would swap the motor & see how the car sits, you might like it. 

** however, personally i would NOT swap the motor, the 301t can easily be made to run as fast or faster than a stock to mild built 400, & the car stays original ** ;)

Thanks for the advise. I will probably do just that regarding the springs. Regarding the engine,  it came with the 400 in it,  plus I think that nothing sounds and looks like a well built 400 or 455.....thanks again 


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