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79 Trans Am Dash Rattle and Squeak

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I'm looking to track down a rediculously annoying dashboard squeak in my 79 Trans Am. I fully get its an old car and there will be rattles and squeaks - this level however is drving me nuts. I am posting here before tearing into the dash to see if anyone has any thoughts on it. I have searched, didnt find much.

The squaks are coming from the driver's side, more in colder weather than warmer weather, at any speed or stopped (so not likely a speedo cable issue) and cannot be suppressed by pressing / holding any part of the exposed dash, steering wheel, gauge cluster, bezel, or surrounding areas.

Any suggestions are apprecaited.

There's several small brackets attaching dash, gauges, heater controls, heater box, speaker, anything could be just a touch loose.

I found it! Sort of. Turns out it was not in the dash and is actually coming from the drivers side hood near the hinge. I have not found the exact culprit yet, but when I put pressure on the hood (between the drivers side windshield and the hood hinge) it silences the squeaking. Out of town a few days but will post back when I get it fixed...

Good news...well, that you found it. Worn hinges are common especially if the hood can be pushed down in one corner. Likewise check the bolt are not loose. Wipe a coating of oil over the hood seals and bumper blocks, make sure windscreen washer nozzles arent rubbing.

Thanks for the info on the hinges. I did end up lubing up all the hinges, springs, etc. The hood operates much more smoothly now. I should have done that from the start. The hood does seem to be rubbing on a stud that is just below the bottom of the windshield and causing some squeaking as well. Its somewhat rusty so I have added penetrating oil and will see i can lower that a bit. Thanks again!


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