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I am not sure how guys are solving this speedometer squeaking issue. It is pretty simple to pull the gauge cluster. I dont think you can lube the front of the speedo cable. Even at  back there is not really any spot to lube that I recall. I guess you could put a touch of lube on end of speedo cable before you insert the speedo cable into gauge housing.
I would take out our speedo cable from gauge cluster and trans and then remove the actual cable from the cable housing. If housing and cable look good - you could lube cable and reinsert into housing. You could bench test the cable / gauge cluster on the bench - insert the speedo cable into gauge cluster - get a drill and hold end of cable (that would normally go to the trans) in the drill. Turn the drill - i seem to recall you spin drill in reverse.
Some of speedo noises / problems could come from routing the cable with too many tight bends or if cable not fully seated into gauge cluster - I did that and did not realize and my speedo was bouncing around a little. Other issue is - what is lube for speedo cable ? I cant recall exactly - but I think I used lithium grease ? There is good discussions on speedo lube and pros/cons of different lube materials.

I'm pretty certain now, that my squeaking noise came from the speedo itself, or that location anyway.  Prior to disassembly, I was able to grab the back near the speedometer and kind of move it up and down.  The noise would dissipate for a while, then come back.  So I disconnected the cable from the gauge cluster and applied a dab of heavy grease on the tip of the cable as well as some lithium grease.  Since then, no noise has been heard whatsoever.  I'm thinking the grease managed to work itself into the gears on the speedo, but could be wrong.  Maybe it's a temporary stop-fix, or maybe not.  Time will tell.


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