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Anyone install a T56 magnum with Hooker shift hump?

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Thanks for the input.  I'm in Australia, so I'll be sourcing a gearbox from a Holden Commodore, which they sold briefly in the US as a GTO.  I've previously installed a TKO into a C3 vette, so I understand all the technical part of the swap, just not clearance to everything as it's obviously a different car.

The 2004-2006 GTO is a sweet car! I believe it's the same transmission physically as the 4th gen but I believe they have better internals and a different shifter. You don't want this shifter hump for that transmission. Assuming you are using factory sub frame bushings, you should just need to cut a hole for the shifter, fab a plate, then make a bezel for an automatic console and you'll be golden.

In my 2000 Trans Am I got a MGW shifter and I can't stress enough how big of an improvement it was. If you can add that cake to your t56 you will smile with every shift I guarantee it. It makes the T56 feel like a precision Ferrari transmission. You may need an aftermarket shifter anyway as I believe the GTO shifter has an offset to it that puts the shifter further back into the car which may put the shifter too far inward in a 2nd gen.

Do the T56's have the skip shift system in them in Australia? Here in the states if you shift lightly in brisk traffic it forces you to go from 1st to 4th for fuel economy. Another mod I did to my 2000 was the skip shift eliminator. The Tremec Magnum aftermarket transmission does not have this luckily.


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