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I`m replacing body mounts on my 74 T/A with energy suspension  part # 3-4142. The rear 4 are fine but radiator support ones are much thinner by 3/4 inch, am i using the correct energy suspension part # or do i just make a 3/4" spacer. Have emailed energy suspension but no response and my supplier here in Australia hasn`t come across this before, any help would be helpful thanks.

Different front ends use different height bushes. Having them listed as to suit all years is not accurate. If body panels are alreasy aligned then match the thickness. Pontiworld? It wasn't long ago they were selling the Nova kit as for Firebirds, as was everyone.

Yes that does seem to be the issue spoke to pontiworld and he doesn`t have anything else so i`ll make up spacer to make up difference. The ones I received mount on top of subframe where mine mounts underneath. It just seems strange energy suspension hasn`t pickup on this but thanks for confirming my suspicions

This has come up before so may have to google it. I don't have thosr years and many don't share anything once they have their answer. I'd say ES are well aware of it which is why it is a generic kit for all years and not perfect for any.


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