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Leaking Power Steering Fluid Out Of Steering Gearbox


I'm loosing a good bit of power steering fluid. It appears to be leaking from the lower end of the steering gearbox (where it hitches up to the (Pitman?) arm linkage). Can these seals be replaced? How hard is it to do? Or do I just need to buy a new Steering box ?

sounds like the front seal of the gear is leaking.  you can buy a reseal kit or complete rebuild kit,  but if you arent familiar with rebuilding these or have very good mechanical aptitude i would not suggest doing it, bring it to a local mechanic to do or buy a reman'd unit. 

another option that works very well if the leak isnt major is to try some lucas power steering stop leak, can get at walmart for $10 & it actually works. stopped a minor leak on my front seal & has been leak free for 5+ years until i get around to replacing the seals.


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