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Hey all, I need to replace the rear leafs on my "80" WS6 T/A. Who has had the best luck with ride height with what type of spring.
I have searched alot and found numerous spring rates. I don't want to invest in springs and have it ride like it has air shocks that are jacked up on it. Pretty much want stock height. If it's too low, i can pump up air shocks to my suiting, but, if too high, I have problems. Thanks in advance to any, and all!

Firstly, air shocks are not used to create a desired ride height. Secondly, very rarely will you find new springs are too low compared to 40 year old sagging leafs owner was familiar with, often far higher than they are happy with, even for 'stock'. Likewise, stock height isn't a spring rating.

ok, let me rephrase my question to receive my desired answer. What Manufacturer of leaf spring has anyone purchased that was
able to give them the ride height closest to  stock? Thank You.

When I redid my suspension I kept it stock. I replaced all bushings and the leaf springs  I purchased parts through  The brand name was OER (Original Equipment Replacement). Over all I'm pleased with the result. Original ride height and handling. The front suspension bushing squeak when going over speed bumps but other than that it is fine.

OER stands for Original Equipment Reproduction. But that's not important!

You can have 'stock' height suspension but have it hard with no travel or mushy and equally horrible ride. I used PTFB springs with mine, they also don't advertise as a ride height. So simply shopping around for a stock height spring will be difficult because it doesn't mean much and these were often used under different vehicles but same claims.


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