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Front end sits too high


Hey guys, I got an 80 Trans am that I just replaced all the bushings and ball joints in the front end but once I got it back together I noticed the front sits about 2 inches higher than it did. I replaced the front struts but the springs are the same ones I took out. They are installed in the right position in the control arms but I can't get them to settle. Driving it for a day got the front to come down about a half inch but it won't come down anymore. Has anyone else delt with this?


By "struts" do you mean the coil springs?

How have you verified they are the same spring rate as the old ones?

Assuming they are the same, new springs do take awhile to "settle". A lot of people (me included) cut some coil off of new springs before installing; many cut 1 1/2 coils...I chose to cut 3/4 of a coil. It sat great IMO.

Did you tighten the suspension (upper/lower control arms, etc) while vehicle was raised    or    with the car sitting on it's own weight ( which is the correct way...same principle applies to the rear suspension) ?

If the springs are the same then the new shocks will do nothing to hold it higher. As Jeff said, loosen off all the adjustments, bounce it around to free up and tighten again while on its wheels.

So what was the point of asking all those questions, I wonder.


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