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So... in the process of removing and reinstalling the sub-frame, I, of course, replaced all of the body bushings. Things looked goo until I mounted the front fenders. I think the core support bushings are a tad short as I have excessive clearance between the top of the fender and the door and diminishing clearance the further down the gap you go. Does anyone have the required thickness of the bushings for each position? Yeah, I know, buy the Fisher assembly book. If someone has a good source for said book, I would greatly appreciate it. But in the meantime, any information you can offer would be immensely appreciated.
Thank you.
Jefe (Jeff)

By the way... the bushings that we used were energy suspension pieces... I know.... typically not the best choice, but, my brother bought them for the car as a “gift” to help out... how can you tell your brother no...

Hey Jeff
I have not been able to find bushing measurements thus far...only placement.
I've used Energy Suspension before on various cars without issue. I actually like the poly more than factory rubber and solid mounts don't fit the bill for me.

Factory height might not be right for you either, depends what came out, how old and crushed they were, if had extra shims etc, prior to panel alignment.

Thanks guys. Been offline for a while with holidays and family in town. I’ve gotten it sorted out in the meantime though. My brother disassembled the front end and I had placed the shims where he wrote down that they had come out. I think he must have had a few cocktails before writing down his notes. I just received the factory manuals on cd and they are super informative and helpful.


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