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1978 WS6 front spring rating


J Bo:
Hello All,
I'm brand new to the forum and I am sure my question has been asked countless times so my apologies up front.  What is the front spring rating on the 1978 WS6 package?  I have seen 425 lbs stated elsewhere on the net but wanted to make sure.


Not sure of the rating. They changed depending on installed equipment. BUT, I can tell you NOT to buy them from Eaton Detroit Spring. Their "claim to fame" self proclaimed I'm sure... is that they use factory blueprints to twist their wire. After a few conversations with their sale rep, I ordered a set for my bird. When they arrived, they were one inch shorter than the original springs. I contacted the sales rep and his statement was that they use a heavier wire than stock so the spring is shorter. Long story short, sort of, I installed those springs and the car sat over 4 inches TALLER than original ride height. I have the manuals. His stance now is to wait until we drive the car to get a feel for the "actual ride height"... I pulled those springs into the pockets with the spring compressor. If they're not seated, they never will be...

J Bo:
Thanks Jeff.  4" higher?  That seems crazy!  My TA is an iron head 400 with no AC and the battery in the trunk.  I'm going with the Hotchkis TVS 1 suspension kit which comes with 600 lb front springs.  That seems really stiff to me considering the massive sway arm that comes with this kit.


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