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Hello all, I'm in need of some information.

The issue: Lower speedo cable is in need of replacement on my 1980 TTA, and I cannot find it ANYWHERE. It's the cable that goes from the cruise module, to the transmission. It has threaded sleeves (female thread) on both ends, and the end going into the cruise module has a square blue plastic nub. I'm starting to worry it must be made of unobtanium  ::)

Now, assuming no one has a source for this particular cable, (i've checked fbody, classic Ind, summit, franks pontiac, ebay, all local auto parts etc.), I could alternatively just bypass the cruise. Reason being is it's not hooked up, Ive got a 400 with a muncie m20 in it now. I only left it as is up to this point because it worked.

So, i've heard the manual cars w/o cruise didn't just have one long cable from trans to gauge, they had some sort of transducer in the mix making it a two cable system so the speedo reads correctly. Unfortunately, I don't know what this looks like or where to buy it.

If anyone has info on where to get the stock 80 w/ cruise cable, that would be preferred. Alternatively if anyone knows what I need for a more correct set up for a manual w/o cruise, that works too. Either way, I just need my speedo and odometer back!

Thanks for any help!

You could remove the cable and measure it to find a replacement. They’re not real hard to find with the exception of the correct length possibly. The lower cable for cruise equipped cars seemed to be a little longer than stock ones at the chain parts stores. They would work just fine though. I also seem to remember seeing a seller on eBay that stocked many different sizes and ends. You could try reaching out to them for a custom cable if they didn’t have the exact length you needed.

As far as swapping to a long single cable that shouldn’t be too difficult either. Not sure about the reducer. (ratio adapter).  I know some cars came with them over the years but not sure which ones. The TRANSducer for the cruise control is a 1:1 ratio to my knowledge. So removing it and switching to a single cable should be that simple.

If by some chance someone did install a ratio adapter they are available.

That particular one speeds up the speedometer. They have them that slow it too depending on your setup. They also carry cables. Their site is a little hard to navigate but you could always call them too.

I ordered my cables from Rock Auto.

I managed to get a replacement upper and lower cable for my TH350 to cruise to speedo '79 403 T/A here in australia from a regular importer store, they surely must be easily available in the united states. I have a 1979 400/4-speed and it had a single cable from transmission to speedo.

Cable Guy.....Caaaaable Guuuyy..

As long as the length is similar, the ends are fairly standard. Not too long that it touches exhaust even with retainer bracket, not too short that it has tight kinks in it.


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