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79 TA 400 Cannot Lift Engine to Remove Oil Pan


I have an engine support beam attached to two engine lifting hooks I attached to the front of the block on my Pontiac 400 so I can lift the engine to drop the oil pan.  I have both bolts out of the engine mounts and I have removed the fan and the starter and detached the fuel line to the pump at the frame (I will probably detach the rubber fuel lines at the pump, though I don't think that is the hang up).  The engine will not lift and I don't want to put too much pressure on the inner fenders, or yank on something that is hanging it up.  The T10 and bellhousing are attached and the transmission attached to its crossmember. Has anyone experienced this and are the mounts just a bit snug, or have I forgotten to disconnect something?


--- Quote from: Jolo on December 05, 2020, 02:13:51 PM ---  The T10 and bellhousing are attached and the transmission attached to its crossmember.

--- End quote ---

If not a typo, that sounds like a problem

Not a typo. I am not removing the engine.  I am simply lifting it 2 inches up off the mounts to remove the oil pan which needs to clear the cross member and oil pump.

It's probably already hit the trans tunnel or the limits of the mount. Is the exhaust still attached? What about fuel lines etc, they don't take much to kink or flatten and then don't go back into the place they came from.

I sprayed the mounts with Silicone-I wont use WD 40 on the rubber. I increased the tension on the engine support overnight. No luck, with a pry bar this morning - Not much to leverage and I have to be careful to not bend the engine mounts. I still have plenty of clearance for the bellhousing and tranny. I will loosen the rear tranny mount and then I am going to try two tall support jacks with a block of wood under the oil pan flanges on each side or use my tranny jack with a padded piece of 3/4 plywood under the oil pan. It should not be this tough to break loose.


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