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301T MLS gasket


Hi, I am build ing a 301T, small journal 350 chev 6.125 rods, 1.490 Holden 308 (an Aussie engine) 1.490 CH with a custom 5 cc dish, aiming for 8.7:1 comp to run 12-14 psi with a small Howard roller cam, I have tidied up the ports, fitted 1.94 inlet and 1.6 exhaust valves, hoping for 350-400 in a nice driver but would like to run an MLS gasket and have seen a reference to the Cometic in another forum but with no part numbers or feedback on if it worked.  On a visual from pictures te 4.160 bore 400 gasket has some differences in water ports to the 301T, has anyone ever tried the 400 MLS on a 301T?


300-400 out of a 301T! Bold, but apparently doable. Good to see a 301T is getting some respect down under here. Try Joe at TTA performance, you've probably heard that a dozen times, but there is a reason why everyone recomends him!


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