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       I was replacing my speedometer (which was making noise and bouncing at 35 mph+) as well as the speedometer cable. I also replaced the circuit  board on my 1979 Trans Am. I had to gain clearance by lowering the steering wheel and removing the U bracket under the steering wheel. I was in the process of replacing the bulbs while having the lights on to make sure the bulbs worked. Well, I must have accidently touched something and caused a short. I had the small 4 amp glass fuse blow out. I replaced the fuse and now I still don't have any gauge lights working. Not sure what to do?
   What could be the reason for no gauge lights? Could it be the dimmer switch? Any help would be appreciated!

Check the gauge circuit board as well, it will burn through the contacts easily if zapped and before the fuse goes.

I did a visual check of the circuit board. It's a new board just installed when I changed the speedometer. All seems to be fine. I followed all of the copper trails on the circuit board and none of them are fried or broken. The old one that I pulled out was also intact and didn't have any broken lines. I changed it because of it's age, over 40 years old and was discolored. I will try to see if the ground comes back after I reinstall the u bracket under the steering wheel. I'm hoping that my gauges lights come back on but if they don't, should I suspect the dimmer light switch next?

Well, I checked the fuses again, checked the circuit board a second time and reinstalled the gauges and U bracket under the steering wheel. Still NO Gauge lights! This also includes the volts/ gas gauge light. The gauges work when I start the engine, just no light When pulling out the headlight switch knob, I do have headlights, high and low beams and rear tail lights. I turn the knob on the headlight switch to see if the gauge lights come on, and nothing. I do have interior lights when the doors are open. When the doors are closed, the headlight switch does operate the interior lights under the dash and dome lamp. The turn signal lights and hazard lights work. I really don't know what it could be? 

Just for funzies, did you try a different fuse? Or try jumping the fuse contacts temporarily just to rule out a faulty fuse? Iíve had it happen where I thought the fuse was good and it wasnít. Could test the fuse with a multimeter too.

Do the lights behind the HVAC controls work my chance?


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