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Hello everyone.  I am new to the Firebird club.  I purchased my first Firebird last Saturday.  1980, Esprite.  I will be asking a lot of questions.  First off, on the dash on the the very right is a black switch, when I push it up, the green light comes on then the switch slowly moves back down.  When I press the switch down, the green light goes off.  What is it for?  When I turn it on nothing seems to happen other than the green light comes on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Second, it's E on the end
Third, that is a rear window defrost switch (or should be). Do you have a defrost grid on your back window?

I don't know if I have the wires in the window or not.  I never thought to look.  The doors and back window have a heavy tint film on them, the front window has a 6-8" strip across the top.  So dark that I am sure it will not pass New York inspection.

In the dash working left to right:
first big hole: does not have any gauge but has a face plate with three different measures, oil, temp, and something else. 
first small hole is a non working gas gauge,
second big hole: speedo/odd
second small hole: working gas gauge
third small hole: ammeter

in the center console just laying there are three gauges all working, (temp, ammeter, and I believe oil.

Is this correct:
If I put gauges in the dash,
first big hole: tach/ clock
first small hole: oil and temp
second big: speedo/odd
second small gas
third small ammeter
and I would probably need a new printed circuit for the cluster of three?
how to the two small cluster hook up?  just hardwired?

other gauges


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