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Caliper guide pin thread size

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The 1979 Service Manual has a list of Metric brake parts, there is no mention of the caliper pins. Not conclusive, just info. A lot of fittings are, booster mount, steering column mount, trans mount, etc.

81Turbo TA:
Thanks for trying.
I most likely will go with using the dorman pin. The description says for stripped out holes..but I like options

Reach out to one of the brake specialist companies. By me is Right Stuff but all of them, CPP, SSBC, Inline tube, etc... sell the 79-81 rear disc brake conversion kits for non disc brake 70-81 cars, they also use the Cadillac Eldorado/Seville rear calipers for rear axles that do not require the staggered shocks.  When looking make sure you get the ones for "staggered shocks". Though it will be a pain to take the rear diff cover off and pull the axle to replace the bracket, it would be better to get new bracket than to mess with a new thread size in my opinion. Right Stuff has helped me a few times on some oddball custom made lines and such, I suspect if you ask for a specific side of the staggered brackets I bet they sell it to you. The next best option I just found is a bracket kit from Inline Tube: .

Before you buy anything reach out to Scarebird he may sell just the brackets. I got a set of the parking brake lever brackets for my 81 rear disc calipers, they are out of this world high quality strong steel and plated, highly suggest replacing them while you are in there: If Scarebird makes them they will be top shelf quality, you will most likely be able to just buy the bracket you need without a full kit.

81Turbo TA:
The axle has to come out if I want to change  that piece?????

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I think so. There may be a way to unbolt the factory bracket then cut it in 2 spots to slide it out. The factory bracket has a ring that goes all the way around unlike the aftermarket brackets. The replacement only use 3 bolts but do not hold me to that until you get the directions for the bracket you get. Others may be able to chime in who have swapped in the aftermarket rear brackets with how they made the change leaving or removing the rear axle shaft.

Taking the diff cover off, removing the center pin and c-clip then sliding the axle shaft out is not too difficult. If you haven't changed the diff oil in a few years then you would knock off 2 birds with one stone sort of speak.


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