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Vintage Air installation tips and how to charge system

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Hey everyone,

I am going to be installing the VintageAir SureFit system for a previously AC Firebird this summer. I watched a video for a 2nd gen Camaro and it definitely looks like something I can do minus the charging of the system. Does anyone have tips/suggestions installing this kit? From search on the site it looks like this was last discussed in 2016, I've read they have improved the kit since its release and it now includes a valve to turn off the coolant. I am also converting my car to electric fans, I am getting 4th gen fan shroud with dual fans and pigtails, will be wiring one fan to my FiTech and the other to this AC kit with the override wire to a temp sensor.

I am hoping this is the year I can bring the car to the Trans Am Nationals in Dayton. AC is going to make this trip a lot more comfortable.


I知 not sure about the installation part but I知 planning on purchasing the original air 134a conversion that includes everything from the evaporator core forward. I知 also planning on charging myself. If you have an auto zone. Near you they rent a vacuum pump which is necessary and you can pick up a set of manifold gauges on Amazon or harbor freight along with the refrigerant for less than $100.

There are other videos on YouTube but I found this one pretty helpful and enough to give me the confidence to try it. I figured that way, if something happens in the future I can recharge and have the ability to do other vehicles if needed.

Thanks! That doesn't look too hard actually, I may over do it on safety gear when I so it I herd bad things can happen with the freeon if it hits your skin.

I got a set of ac pump brackets a year ago and see how they mount on a Pontiac, it does not require taking out an exhaust/header bolt like the Chevy does, engine side should go smoothly other than removing radiator.

Looking at mine, I知 not even sure if you壇 have to remove the radiator if you mean to install the condenser. I believe if you remove the lower valance it looks like you could just slide the condenser right up there. It looked like it from what I saw at least. Too bad we池e not a little closer, we could give it a shot together. I知 on the outskirts of Toledo

Toledo is a 2 hr drive, I would come up for a day no problem. Message me directly

I am replacing the fan shroud with electric fans I just assumed it be easier to do it when I do the AC install.


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