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Vintage Air installation tips and how to charge system

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Ok sounds good. I will let you know once I get closer to getting my A/C components reinstalled. Got a couple small ish projects to wrap up first

I still did not get my Vintage Air kit yet, still waiting. I am starting to do some preliminary work though, I painted the compressor brackets I have (though they may be wrong once I get the kit, hopefully they are right), and re-doing some dash wiring. I am thinking about making a custom glove box opening to hold a gauge, aux/USB ports for the RetroSound radio, and a 4 blade fuse block.  I see in photos they give you a new glove box that is not as deep as the factory, I wonder what the measurement difference is, I can start fabbing my customized glove box gauge/radio plate to work within that space. Does anyone know the measurement of the vintage air glove box?


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