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1979 Trans Am, when I turn on the wipers, the washer sprays out both on low and high.  Itís a non delay system.  Trying to figure out if itís the switch, pump, or wiper motor.
Strange thing is that I unplugged the plug going into the washer pump, turned on the wipers and washer still sprays out.  Maybe some wires got crossed at some point over the years, or does this show a bad switch?
Any help is appreciated.

Luckily the non-delay switch is easier to find used to swap over and test. There was to be a reproduction but they cancelled it, not sure if anyone else picked up. Obviously, something is grounding when it shouldn't, or the opposite!

Thanks for the reply, I really am trying to figure this out.  Felt pretty sure it was the switch, until I unplugged the wire on the pump and it still sprayed fluid, then it really has me baffled.
I guess Iím going to have to buy a switch in hopes that is the problem, if not guess I will have an extra switch.
Thanks again.

Wait, you unplugged the wire from the pump and it still sprays? Where is your pump located, on the bottle or on the wiper motor?

Yes itís on the motor.


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