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Cannot get into reverse


79 T/A Anniversary Edition 400/4 Speed.

I'm trying to get into reverse.

Shifter goes about 1/3 of the way, steering wheel column rotates, then I get an obstruction and a 'thunk' coming from the steering column.

Steering wheel in 'unlocked'.

Any ideas what the problem is and where/how I can look/gain access?



When did it start doing this? Any recent repairs?
Check for obstruction/linkage under car and  under hood


No work done (repairs, etc.)

Last time I drove the car all was OK.

It's been many months since then, but I just recharged the battery, started the car, and tried to go into reverse.

I don't think there is any issue under the car or under the hood. (although at this point in time, anything is suspect!)

The clunk/obstruction is definitely in the steering column, albeit lower in the column..


If the column rotates you obviously have the backdrive linkage attached still and if your clunk sound is coming from the column Id start there. Disconnect that linkage and see if you get into reverse ok. Ive never had backdrive linkage on my car before or after my 4 speed conversion but it seems to me that the linkage can get out of adjustment

I disconnected the back drive linkage to the steering column (in the engine compartment) and can now easily get in to reverse. I manually rotate the part that goes into the steering column and can only rotate a small amount. Definitely seems like there is something in the steering column. Would there be any issues with driving the car with this linkage disconnected?


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