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Perfect timing. I just installed a retro sound Daytona for my soon to install 70-77 dash, fits awesome. I ordered with black knobs and then ordered a set of chrome knobs, using the chrome for the rear knobs and the black for the main knobs. Will post pics later tonight in my test 77 dash as well as in my current 81. I have an 81 dash for now and it still looks good though it is not intended for 78-81, it works with repositioning the knobs.

As b_hill_86 noted I would do the the same 6x9 in back (I like the 3 way style to get most sound out of them) and the speakers for the center speaker. I have am 81 dash luckily I have the two smaller speaker locations on the upper metal dash, otherwise I would do the same with the center speaker. Others have some speakers on the door panels and center console. It is your car, do what you want but I personally like when the car looks period correct as much as possible.

Here is the writeup of the install of the RetroSound Daytona M2 in my Trans Am so far. I will eventually be swapping in the 77 dash over the winter, but for now I have it in my 81 dash, but it definitely looks better with the 70-77 bezel.

RetroSound Daytona in 77 Dash:

RetroSound Daytona in 81 Dash:

Setup with white backlight color to match interior gauges

Added USB/Aux flush mount to the back of the center console, seemed like the best that didn't take away much from the rest of the interior.

(sorry images not loading because of the SSL cert on my site, will get it fixed later this week)

Looks neat, possibly even better than the previous cd player!


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