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I think some guys have used these by cutting the factory bezel (not the radio opening)

There are also these that look like a stock replacement with modern internals but I have not heard good things about them and theyíre EXPENSIVE

I also see theyíre out of stock in a lot of places so maybe cause of quality issues.

Donít forget that if you install a modern stereo youíll need to replace the speakers and wiring. For one, 70-77 radios used common ground speakers. They were also 8-10 ohms. Modern speakers are two wire (positive and negative, not common ground) and theyíre 4ohm.

For what itís worth, what I did was installed two modern 6x9s in the rear and replaced the original single dash speaker with a modern dual coil ďstereoĒ speaker. I kept my factory Am/fm stereo and console 8 track player and fed them into a small Bluetooth enabled amp which then drives the modern speakers. The amp has a small wired remote that could me mounted somewhere or hidden (I modified my ashtray and hid it inside there). Now I can play my radio, 8 track player or switch to streaming music from my phone.


I like the idea of the Bluetooth amp. Iím assuming the wiring diagram would be included with the amp. I could totally hide it somewhere.

Yea it is included and itís not overly complicated. And itís small enough that I hid mine under my center console.

Thanks. Iíll shop around to see where I can get it.


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