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Proper size belts for 1978 TA


Could someone tell me the proper size belts for AC, Power Steering, and alternator for:
1978 TA 400ci
My AC and Alt are at the end for tightening and AC squeals when steeping on it.
Would like to put the correct belts on. Picture is the ac belt I have on.
thank you for any info on this. 

3. AC Belt GM #9433770 (58.5") - This also equates to 1485mm of your belt shown, it may be stretched and worn out.

6. Alternator Belt GM #15599208 (1230mm)

8. Power-steering Belt GM #9433753 (50")

1978 400 Firebird belts and pulleys by Aus78Formula, on Flickr

Excellent thank you for your post!

No worries, let us know what you find out with that belt that already matches. If it is worn-out or stretched or actually needed a step shorter to work.


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