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Winsheild washer pump for 1978

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 I have a 1978 and ordered a new windshield washer pump (From Firebird Central) because mine wasn't working, the one I recieved is the same shape and looks right in picture but its not the exact same as the one on my car. Anyone have a 78 with pulse and can show me a picture of what I should have?  Thank you

are the washer lines straight out or bent?

Straight out, trying to figure out how to attach a picture lol

Probably attach a pic to a different forum, you may get a response there.

Are you the original owner of the car.  I am finding that allot of the parts  I order new for my 79 TA are original its just that previous owners had jerry rigged the car with non original parts and it can be confusing sometimes.    This Just happened to me with a new center console Electric window harness i ordered.  when it came in it did not match the switch that was in the car.  Found out the switch was not original but the harness was.  There goes $80 bucks more for the new switch which just arrived.  This has been my never ending  journey on this Project Car.  But still love my Pontiac, just not some of the previous owners or the so called mechanic that worked on it.   LOL. 


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