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Polling for experience(s) with aftermarket PYPES exhaust for 1978 400 T/A


Hi All,

I was hoping to get some comments/advice from anyone who has used a PYPES after market dual exhaust kit.  I would love to hear your comments if you have used the PYPES product on a 2nd Gen Firebird or if you have experiences/recommendations with other manufacturer's complete exhaust systems.  I am considering the PYPES SGF70 Race Pro (single muffler with dual in/out) kit or the SGF13S Street Pro (2 muffler kit).  I sincerely appreciate any advice.

Best Regards,


A lot comes down to personal choice. Those with lowered cars may prefer some more ground clearance by tucking the muffler up the back. When I got my twin muffler setup it was largely because I had a new fuel tank and a rear axle swap on the way, and wanted to see them on the car when done, didn't want extra exhaust and muffler in the way. And both of those kits still require you to select a set of straight tailpipes or splitter tips to add on. I don't recall any that went on without mods, a lot of cutting and shutting and relocating the hangers to where they should be.

If I had to do it again I'd get an exhaust shop to just custom make one, they had to anyway even with the kit. Even the RacePro mufflers, the quietest they offer, seem like they are going to be far too loud. Hasn't seen the road but shakes the garage walls obnoxiously. So if it ever got on the road I can see them being replaced as well.

Thanks much Aus78Formula.

I have the race pro's on a '79 T/A 403 with a 2-1/2 " true dual exhaust (Thornton manifolds). They are very loud at idle, in my opinion. They probably wouldn't have bothered me 42 years ago when I had my first new '79.

Thanks for the feedback quizkid.  I am going with the single muffer race pro 2.5" kit for some ground clearance.


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