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78 been sitting 10 years

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I plan on bringing a trans am home thatís been sitting for a decade. Do I just change all the fluids before trying to start it? How about the gas? Spark plugs? Thank you !

I would definitely get some oil into the cylinders before trying to start it in case the rings have frozen too the bores.

You'll definitely want syphon and drain any fuel.

Pull spark plugs and squirt some oil in all cylinders.  You can put the plugs back in but only thread them in a turn or two.  This will keep any debris from getting into the cylinders.  Let it sit for a couple of hours.  Try to turn it by hand.  With the plugs only in a turn or two their shouldn't be any compression.  If it will turn by hand.....let it sit some more.  If it won't turn by hand then let it sit over night.  There is plenty of other things to do while it sits with oil in the cylinders

Complete tune up.......Plugs, wires, cap and rotor.

Check gas tank.  If any fuel is there.......drop tank and clean it out.  That fuel will be wasted.  If there is no fuel....get a scope and put into the tank and check for rust or crust.  If any rust or crust then remove gas tank and clean or replace.  Check fuel lines.  Change fuel filter.

If you can't turn engine by hand after sitting for a while, and you can't scope the cylinders to see what they look like, take out a couple of spark plugs.  Just make sure there is nothing that can fall into the spark plug hole.  Try turning over by hand.  If still not moving then you may need to remove the heads to check the cylinders.

Forcing a stuck cylinder(s) could cause damage to the cylinder walls.

Let us know how it turns out.

Any questions, please ask.  Someone will chime in to assist.

This is awesome feedback man Thank you so much. I pulled the tank and I am just going to get a new tank and sending unit. Going to flush the fuel lines up to the fuel pump to make sure they are good. Previous owner said he had it turning over. So I just pull plugs and throw some marvel in there eh? And a big ratchet on the bolt thatís on the front of the motor correct? I also plan on doing plugs wires all new coolant new fuel pump. Iím trying to find a new carb or someone to rebuild mine. Any leads on that?
I am assuming make sure it turns over before I go ham and buy all this stuff lol.


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