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MPG on a 301?


whats the MPG for a 301?

Auto, standard, turbo, rear end gears, A/C, driving habits? lots of things change that.

auto, 301, non turbo, drivin mostly city,

81 Turbo SE:
I've had my 301 turbo since 1988 when the speed limit was 55 so I drove it on cruise control under 60 mph... and I'd average 21 or 22 highway and 15 or 16 in city (without the benefit of cruise control).   However, I live in Michigan and the speed limit is 70 mph now so I get 17 to 19 mpg highway.  I have an automatic with 3.08 gears and a/c.  The '81 CCC cars were supposed to get a little better mileage but I doubt that it really made any difference and the turbo is probably almost irrelevent too... the difference between 17 and 20 mpg is probably based on how you drive it on the highway and city economy could drop under 10 mpg on a good day!


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