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Hi...just got my 77 TA, happy as all *&&%$, only one issue so far. When I go to stop, at lights or signs, the car seems to want to stall out, and has died a couple of times when backing out, going from rev. to drv. Is this a timing, carb,fuel issue, or will I just have to learn to drive better with my left foot on brake and right on gas? It doesn seem to get better if the car has been run for a few minutes, but still happens.Let me know, TA heads!!!!

Sounds like a carb issue to me.  Do you have an original QJet?

You might want to check the timing.  Make sure you've got the right idle speed and the vacuum line to the distributor is off and plugged.  That won't cost you any money to do.

If your timing is OK, you've probably got a carb issue.  Does the car hesitate? or miss when you put your foot down on the gas?  Does it run fine when it's cold or is it very warm blooded?

Another thing to try if you have an original QJet is to replace the fuel filter.  That's cheap and easy....just use a flared wrench so you don't strip the nut.

If you still have the problem, you probably need a rebuild.  Take it to someone who knows what they're doing.  When my first firebird delivered in 1978, the car did exactly what you're describing.  I took it back to the dealer three or four times, it was better but not right.  I finally put a holly on it.  Which of course won't pass the visual for California smog.  I eventually found someone who was good at rebuilding QJets and put the original carb back on.

Eagle 1:
It sounds like a possible vacumn leak problem.  Check all your vacumn hoses as ta78w72 suggested.  Also check your idle adjustment.

Vacuum crossed my mind but I didn't mention it because my car operated fine with the DS-TVV and EFE valve unconnected, and no SVB-TVS.  Once I got all the parts and ran all the vacuum lines, I did notice that the car seemed to have more pep though.  The car will ping if the vacuum at the distributor isn't connected.  But it won't stall.

But, a check of the vacuum lines would be a good idea simply because that's one of the first things to get disconnected.

If stalls or rough idle cold the service manual says to:
1. check the damper door
2. check for vacuum leaks or air leaks at carb mounting
3. ignition wires for cracking, hardness and proper connections
4. check for sticking carburetor, choke, throttle linkage, fast idle cam
5. Carburetor flooding
6. Check vacuum break linkage
7 choke adjustments
8 Cjecl EFE valve
8 idle speed and timing
9 check EGR valve

Stall or rough idle - hot
1. Check damper door
2. Visually check vacuum hoses, air leaks at carburetor mounting, ignition wires
3 check timing and idle speed
4. check PCV valve
5. Check EGR valve
6. Adjust carburetor idle speed and mixture screws
7 Remove carbon with top engine cleaner
8. check compression

So, lots of things could be the culprit.  Go through the easy and inexpensive ones first.  Hopefully it's something like a broken vacuum hose or an idle or mixture adjustment.

Now that you have a beautiful 1977 T/A, you need to invest in a service manual.

thanks guys...appreciate the help!!!


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