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do 1978 trans ams come factory with a sunroof

No Trans Ams came with a sunroof from the factory.  Some dealers installed them on cars, but none were from the factory.  I have had original owners tell me "Well, my car came with this when I bought it brand new from the dealer"......  Just because that is what it had when it left the dealer does not mean that is what it had when it left the factory.  There is a difference between "Factory Installed" and "Dealer Installed".

Mine has a sun roof unfortunately.  When I get ready for a paint job i'm gonna get rid of it  :D .

another thing how rare is it to have a sunroof in a 78 trans am

It is really rare because they did not make them with sunroofs.  So there is a total of ZERO made with sunroofs..... the sunroof is aftermarket.


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