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As far as value goes, to be quite honest with you, most of the sunroof cars I've seen are actually hurt in price by the sunroof.  
For one reason or another, people just don't like to see sunroofs on their Firebirds and Trans Ams, especially with other options like T-Tops.
I've never read that anywhere or anything, but from watching eBay and other online car sales sites, that's just what I've noticed.

Larry Navarro:
Here's my opinion on sunroofs on the firebirds.
I own a SD455 T/A with a motorized metal sunroof that moves rearward inside the roof cavity. It was ordered by the original owner and was installed by ASC(american sunroof co.) which was and still is, a subcontractor for GM and other manufacturers.
The sunroofs were installed on many rare musclecars such as the Hurst Olds, Pontiac Grand Prix, Grand Am and a host of other cars.
I and others, consider these installations an option just like any other that a customer would have requested when ordering a new car.
These units tend to enhance value to vehicles because the option was available through GM.

On the other hand, those sunroofs that were aftermarket pop-up items installed at a custom van shop, really don't add to the cars value.


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