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Looking for a new master cylinder for my 79 TA.  Anyone know where I could get a good one for a decent price.  I wasn't sure if autozone or pep boys would be crappy or not so I'm asking to see where I should get one from.  Brett: I know you have done this to your car, and i'm sure to a bunch of others, where could I get a decent one from? Also, what type and how much brake fluid do I need to replace the cylinder and bleed the brakes?

autozone sells a good master cylinder that wont brake the bank. and as far as brake fluid it would be best to use dot 3. when i say dot 3 i mean something that costs more than a dollar at the dollar store. i would get some good stuff instead of cheap colored water.

The cheap ones form AutoZone and such are not too bad most of the time.  I have had them last for a long time, but I have also had them go after two years.  But they are pretty cheap.  The place I get my brales from is the Right Stuff Detailing here in Ohio.  They are a little more expensive, but they have good stuff.


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