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Changing from 2 post radio to modern 1 DIN?

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Ok, I just purchased my '78 T/A about 2 weeks ago, so Im new to this car. But Im wondering if there is any trick to changing the factory cassette deck to a modern style stereo? Also, I havent gotten my manuals yet, but how do you get to the front dash speaker to change it, because mine is blown?

Thanks alot guys

To pull the front speaker I found it easiest to pull out the A/C ducts under the driver and console section.  Pull the gauge bezel and pull out the center air flow deflector and pull the duct.  Then you can see the dash speaker.  It's head by one screw.  Unscrew it and pull the speaker out.  

Classic has a dual speaker that fits almost perfectly in that spot....I had to fiddle with mine to get it in, but it works great.....and I didn't have to cut anything.

The radio.....I would keep the original one in.  It looks great and it's, well original.....but it's your car and your call.  If you don't want to cut the dash (ugh!) you can install one in the map pocket.  But, don't use the original map pocket, by an aftermarket one because the original ones have silver trim...the aftermarket ones don't.

Is there any trick to gettin the gauge bezel out? I noticed that the trim rings around the gauges just pop off, is there anything specific that holds the actual stainless bezel inplace or does it just pop out as well?

Thanks again
Steve Lockard

Five screws hold the bezel in place.  Three can be seen on the black trim on top part of the bezel and go straight up into the dash.  Two are at the bottom of the dash and go up through the bezel.  To get to the two bottom screws you have to take off the under column trim piece.  Then you also need to unscrew the cigarette lighter bezel ring.

You should also drop the column a little bit by lossening the nuts on either side of the column.  Then put a cloth over the column so you don't scratch when you pull it out.

I have pictures of all this if you want a copy.  Send me an email and I'll send you the pictures.....I'll even waive my normal $100 fee...this time only  :D

Ok, so how risky is it to cut the hole out to fit a modern 1 DIN stereo? After it is cut, are there any tricks to mounting the stereo? Has anyone done this on a 77-81? If so, any hints, tips, tricks, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot guys, I love this place

Steve Lockard
Terre Haute, IN
Martinique Blue '78 T/A WS6


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