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Changing from 2 post radio to modern 1 DIN?

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yes, they still used a harness back then

As far as the wiring harness goes, if they installed an after market radio they probably cut the harness.  The power for the radio was built in to the under dash harness.  The power source is a black connector that has a black wire (ground), yellow wire (power to the radio), and a gray wire (power to illuminate the radio face).  Then there are separate wiring for the speakers.  A white connector that has wires going to the under dash speaker, and a blue connector that has wires going to the rear speaker.  That's the original set up.

And, if you have an aftermarket radio installed, better hope that the installer didn't break up your A/C ducts.  Mine were all broken and put back together with electrical tape.....nice guys.

Yes, Custom Auto Sound does rebuild radio to give it that factory look on the outside and upgraded electronics on the inside.  Unfortunatley, when they do that, the power of the radio is still only 25 watts so it isn't much better than the original radio that comes factory.  They also charge like $300 or so to do it so to me it is not even worth it.  Also, if you are looking to buy a factory radio just for looks, I can usually get them for about $20 to $40 so will not spend alot of money to get one just for looks.

Eagle 1:
My son owns a 81 Camaro Z28 that has the factory cassette player that still works.  Anyhow, we got a Sony cassette adapter that has the wire that comes out and he plugged it into his MP3 Player.  Man you talk about sounding good.  I was impressed.  Of course we also installed a set of Pioneer 6X9 speakers in place of the factory ones.
Here is the cassette adapter I am talking about.


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