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78 Mayan Red Trans Am Restoration/Modification

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I bought this car in September. Finally got started tearing down this past weekend. This car has spent it's whole life in Iowa from what I can figure out. It is in pretty good shape considering the way a lot of cars look like that spend their whole life here. It has been repainted once, not a very good repaint, it's about a 20 footer. The motor and tranny were out of it but match the car. Going to load up some pictures and try to keep posting more as I progress. Going to do all of the work myself and aid in the motor and tranny rebuild as much as I can. This is a great site, have learned a lot about this car from the site, and hope to learn some more.

Tranny Disassembly and washed with Hotsy

Tranny Clean up, prime and paint

Forgot to actually post the pics.

Sir----- thank you for sharing your pictures and starting a thread.
      What are your long term goals with your T/A?
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