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Anyone into muzzleloaders, black powder?

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After my dad passed, I acquired all of his firearms and a nice gun safe.  Nice collection, some I didn't know he had.  Three of them are muzzleloader rifles.  One is a Jukar 45cal, older kit gun I believe.  Next is a TC Thunderhawk 50cal inline with a scope.  Third is a TC 54cal with a scope.  I know nothing about these and never got into them when we were hunting.  If memory serves, I fired the 45cal once.  Just curious if anyone else is into this stuff and can give me advice on what I have.  Don't know if I am going to keep these or not.  Keeping the rest though.  My favorite is the Ruger SuperRedHawk 44, 9in barrel.  What a hand cannon!!!!

I would like to see what you have.   I have a friend that is a gun nut. I could send him pics of what you have.

 a hand cannon ?   you have a pepperbox?  cool..

I shoot quite a bit...or did last year, but I just don't have the patience for muzzleloading (well, never really tried it).  If you have the patiend and the money for it, it would be interesting to get into for sure.

Muzzel loading is one of my passions.  Incredible knock down power.  .45 cal is usually the smallest cal. that can be used for ML hunting of whitetails.  If it is an older model it is most likely a sidelock with the hammer on the outside that strikes a #11 percussion cap.  The TC's are very nice guns and lots of hunters use them.  The .50 cal. is the most common for whitetail.  I know some hunters that use the .54 cal for moose and elk and in my opinion, just to big for whitetail deer though some use it.  You just make sure you make your shot in the lungs or there won't be much useable meat left.  As to the Ruger SRH 44.  Used to have one myself and loved shooting it just as the sun was going down and loved to see that 4 foot flame blowing out the end of the barrel.  It definitely is a hand cannon.  I've switched from the SRH to a Smith & Wesson model 66 stainless .357 with an eight in. barrel.  Can now put alot more rounds down range with out the wrist ache that I got from the .44.  Both though are hand cannons and great for home defence.  If an intruder was looking down one of those massisve handgun barrels, I'm sure that they would be backing out slowly shortly after pooping their pants.  I've got quite a collection of firearms and hand load all my ammunition for everything I shoot (except for the rim fire .22 LR cal).  If you would like some further info on what you have then PM me with your questions and I will try to assist if I can.  All my best.

Well, looks like bad news.  Since I have no clue like I said about muzzleloaders, I took them to a friend at work that shots them.  Wanted to have them checked out and get his opinion too.  He didn't really want to mess with the 45 or the 50.  He volunteered to take the 54 and clean it up for me.  He called me last night and said he gave it his best effort, but the barrell is a complete mess.  Said that he got the brush stuck in it twice because of all the rust and corrosion.  He did give me the name of a somewhat local shop that specializes in primitive type weapons.  Might try and take it there, hope its not a lost cause.  I thought the 54 was the best out of the three.  I got brave and figured out how to take the other two apart.  Didn't do the greatest job, but I think I got the 50 decently clean.  Have yet to do the 45.  The 45 does have the sidelock hammer.  I will try and get some pics up when I can.


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