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I'm a resident of upstate SC. I drive a SE Gold 1978 TA. I have been attending a good number of cruise-ins throughout NC and would love to see one in SC to compare to the ones in NC that are so regular that they hardly need advertising.
Inman, SC hosts an event called Ignite Inman the first weekend in June. It's a big event but it is only for the one week.
Is there enough readership here in that general area that we might be able to gather monthly in the small town main streets of Inman and start a tradition there along with other classic car enthusiasts? I have to admit that I plan to open a pro-slot car track there as well so I'm not without other motivations but all in all, I really miss those great cruise-ins I've been attending.

I would be interested.
Aaron from greer.

r u there?

where in the upstate are you? I have a white 77..

might want to check this out


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