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2014 Trans Am Nationals Caravan

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The 2014 Cleveland to the Trans Am Nationals Caravan.
Well here we go. Going to make an attempt to keep what I think is one of the highlights for the weekend going. The overall timeline and route will not change much so that it will remain familiar to ALL members that go.
First stop will meet at the Giles Marathon Gas Station at 9:00am.  The Caravan will leave from Mentor OH via I-90 that Friday morning promptly at 9:30am. 

(located at 4189 State Route 306, Willoughby, OH 44094 Coordinates Lat 41.639339 Long -81.372882)  I will be looking for a volunteer to help lead this stop up as it is out of my way based on my location.  The caravan will leave promptly at 9:30am.  We will be taking I-90 East and join up with I-271 South.  I-271 South will Join/End at I-71 South.  We will take I-71 South and stop at the Pilot Travel Center 

(located at 10048 Avon Lake Road Burbank, OH  US  44214 Coordinates Lat 40.9993860, Long -81.9962990) at Rt. 83 in Lodi off Exit 204 and arrive at about 10:30 am.  The first Leg is 68 miles.  We will be meeting up with a group of cars coming from the East like Akron, Canton, and any other points from the East.  If you wish to join the Caravan at this point please contact me.  In addition if anyone will be coming from the east through Youngstown please contact me and we can roll into Lodi together.
We will depart the Lodi exit PROMPTLY at 10:45am and head onto I-71 south.  We will then take Rt 30 West and join up with I-75 going South.  There is a Speedway Gas Station 

(located at 7837 E Lincoln Hwy, Lima, OH 45801 Coordinates Lat 40.833391 Long -83.958071)  at the exit around Lima, OH off Rt30/Rt 696 and we should arrive there about 12:45pm.  Here we will meet the cars coming down from Michigan and other areas.  Second Leg is about 114 Miles. If you want to meet up with the caravan at this point, please contact me or join in on this thread.   
We will depart from Rt 30 and I-75 PROMPTLY at 1:00pm or so and head to the Holiday Inn Fairborn and the Trans Am Nationals.  Third leg is about 94 Miles.  We will arrive here at approx 2:30 pm.
Any questions, please contact me.  The total distance for this route is 265 Miles.  Its a fun event every year. Lets try to make 2014 the best in honor of the 30th anniversary.
Below are those that plan to attend and where they plan to pick up the caravan. 
Mentor Stop:

Lodi Stop:

Lima Stop:

If anyone plans on traveling with a truck instead of a bird and wouldn't mind bringing some tools along just in case please contact me.  I will try to pack a basic kit, but my space is limited. 

Also if interested PM me a cell phone number and I will put the list together. Indicate if you would like to be included for any other extra activities like a ride along to Tipp City and I will call with times that we will depart.

As in the past a CB would be a great tool to communicate as we roll.

You're name will be added to the list when you leave a post here or leave a message you plan to attend.  Just put down where you plan to start.  We hope to see you all there.

No one? 

I will be working that day.... that is why I let you organize this. It sucks that the past two years I have had to work on Friday and not been able to be on the Caravan. I miss doing this run.

I will be coming in from Columbus but I'd like to BE in Fairborn by lunchtime.

I'll not make it this year,  I cant come down till Saturday night at tipp city.  Then Sunday in Fairborn.   


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