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i need 70s-older chevy gmc work truck. one ton 4 speed, will trade 98 JEEP GC


anyone happens to know of a 70s/80's OBS or older chevy gmc work truck in central IL anywhere for sale lemme know! can be in need of work. need not have a bed. if 67-72 then dont even need title, as i have my own. needs to be complete chassis and clip and cab and all that. can be in need of mechanic work. drive-able when or if running. preferably a 4 speed one ton. the bigger and heavier and older the better! if you know of anything let me know text or email or something. get my attention. thx!


sold the jeep.  gone.  no more trade possibility


look on a website called SCRAP CLASSICS. I think I remember seeing something like what you want on that site.


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