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So I recently I picked up this lot and the idea is to repaint 3 of them, initially in the different ideas I have to try and decide what direction to go in with Ruby. My wife gets one for her decorations as well that I will repaint first.

2021-02-11_11-46-15 by Charles Marson, on Flickr

Then a few days ago I found this beauty

2021-03-21_07-00-31 by Charles Marson, on Flickr

I picked up 3, 1 for my sons collection, 1 for my collection and one to strip apart and repaint the way I decide in the previous exercise

I have currently striped two other cars, one being a 71 VW Bus and the other a 52 Chevy pickup. I will be practicing on these before I start on the birds.

I didn't take picks of this yet but I will

to assist me I found my kit, purchased an airbrush as I couldn't find the one I had and picked up my compressor from dads in storage

20210304_105747 by Charles Marson, on Flickr

20210304_105807 by Charles Marson, on Flickr

20210304_105926 by Charles Marson, on Flickr

thanks for looking

Found my dremel tool and cleaned off the cobwebs

20210326_114808 by Charles Marson, on Flickr

I also stripped the paint off the the VW bus and Chevy pickup, and primed, and painted the first layer of white.

20210324_142932 by Charles Marson, on Flickr

20210326_071442 by Charles Marson, on Flickr

If you look close you can see where my arm touched the roof of the bus and I also didn't clean the diecast properly so the primer wasn't sticking well in some spots on the 52 and paint peeled off. So, I stripped everything and started over.

After that happened I couldn't leave the back windows closed off so out came the dremel and files and this happend

20210326_142028 by Charles Marson, on Flickr

20210326_142046 by Charles Marson, on Flickr

I was having thoughts of adding LED lights to the bus, which I haven't given up on but this time around I think I'll try to get some practice in first before making my life more complicated.

thanks for looking


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