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78 TA Slot Car


I own and operate a Slot Car Track.  If you've never raced slot cars,'s time to start. 
I was looking for and disappointed that I couldn't find a TA made from lexan that can be painted.  So I commissioned a replica of my 78 TA to made into a Slot Car. I ordered some stickers from Monogram (or maybe it was Revel) and there she was. My beautiful Gold 78 TA ready to run some laps on the track.

If you are a car enthusiast and haven't gotten into Slot Car racing, search one out and see if you can get to one.  It's a great way to keep us off the streets and causing trouble. lol

Any pics of your creation?

Yes, I'll dig them up.  I think I sent them to the cloud

The file is to large.    This is a link to where it is online


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