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Where are you from? Introduce yourself!

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Wanted to know where you folks are from? Forums such as this are a great place to network with fellow gear heads. Whats better is to actual meet fellow gear heads.
I'm located in Central California and enjoy attending car shows, cruises, and races.

Geo.  :D

Tin Indians Rule:
George, I'm Robert... depending on what time of the year-I'll either be in South Carolina or Maryland. I really enjoy turning wrenches, locating parts and attending car shows. Of course I love the races... but it's red light to red light for me! Unless it's red light to blue light! LOL
Read your bio on your car! Sounds like a nice set up.  See ya around the board

S/E Michigan here (and its damn cold) :(

Hello Robert and TaksBandit,
Good to hear from you! I noticed that this thread has had 35 views and a whopping 3 posts. LOL ......... It's ok guys to say hello, no one will knock on your door at 3:00 a.m. and try to sell you something. LOL  :lol:
thumbs up to Robert and TaksBandit......
By the way....... It's been raining like Cats & Dogs here in calif. Can't take the Bird out for a drive and that sucks!


Hey my name is Evan and im in Maryland, also probablly the youngest at only 18. restoring three 2nd gens (77,79,& 81) the 77 is a SE Bandit, the 79 is just a base Trans Am and the 81 is a SE Turbo....I used to have another 79 but it was completely dismantled and now I have ALOT of spare parts and constantly looking to be rid of if you are looking for something let me know..bought the 1st one , my 79, in Ohio the same week of the T/A nationals, which actually happened to be a complete rust bucket under all the bodywork and paint, and non original olds 350 engine, then after returning from my vacation I was given a "car" that happend to be a 77 SE with only 1500 miles on the clock!!!! and its all original, just needs a fresh painting.....but I have that one stashed away for now, and I recently purchased an 81 t-top turbo that im really souping up for some performance....kinda like overhaulin' but with my own designing put into it....check out some of the mods in progress/ completed in the highest modded ta forum,and thats pretty much my whole T/A story. Thanks


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