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Trans Am Open House/Caravan

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Trans Am Specialties and Open House

Thursday Night, August 24th 6:00pm til 11:00pm

Here is the Offical Notice of the Trans Am Specialties open house on Thursday Night, August 24th.  We will be having an open house/cook-out/Carvan that night.  Bring your cars and your appetite to this event.  This will be a fun time to get together with other Trans Am owners from the East Coast and chat about their cars.  We will be doing a cook-out with hamburgers and hotdogs and the World Famous Jelly Meatballs from Tin Indians. Then the best part, the next morning we will all caravan down to the Trans Am Nationals that Friday morning.  Right now, I have about 13 Trans Am from my Ohio Firebirds Club that will be heading down to the Nationals that Friday morning at 8:30am.  Imagine if we could get another 13 cars or more from the Eastern Seaboard to go as well.

We had mentioned this briefly before, but now is the Official invitation to come by and check out other Trans Ams, enjoy Jelly Meatballs, and have one hell of a caravan down to the Nationals.  I need to know how many people are interested in doing this.  Please respond to this message with a yes or a no if you will be able to attend. I have plenty of hotels within a two miles radius of my shop so there will be plenty of places to stay for the night and head down the next morning.  Please let me know by posting to this forum so that I can plan on how many cars will be attending.

Eagle 1:
I would love to make it, but thats a little to far.  Besides the car is a work in progress right now.  
Maybe next year.

I will not be at the Cookout Thurday night, but will be joining the caravan once it hits Columbus on Friday.

Sorry would love to attend, wish the Phoenix, Arizona Trans Am guys would put something like this together, but Ive never seen any Trans Am events here, did go to a Pontiac Show once which was cool, there were alot of TA's there but none said they had ever heard of a Trans Am/Firebird event/club in Arizona.  :cry:

Hate to miss it.. but maybe next year since my car isn't yet ready for "up the block" nevermind trek to Ohio.. hahaha
Have fun and more important POST PICTURES!!


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