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Trans Am Open House/Caravan

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sorry, that's a little to far for me!  live down here in dothan alabama!

Well, like many others, I would love to attend - but I have to be in SC for work Wednesday through Friday that week.  It looks like the Nationals are out too.  If the SC trip gets cancelled (and that does happen quite a bit) things will change and I'll let you know.  Thanks!

I so wish that we could make it. I would love to meet everyone, especially Robert and Evan. I hope everyone that makes it has a great time!

Sounds like a lot of fun! Unfortunately, its about 100 miles out of the way for me and I would need to leave a day early. I'm coming down from central Wisconsin so its going to be almost 12 hours anyway to the Nationals. Maybe I can do it next year.

Sorry, won't be able to make it up from Florida.


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