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Which Bird?

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So this question comes up alot. Which Bird (decal) is your favorite?

Did I leave out Any?

I like all the extra colors in the 79-81 series but the shape of the earlier birds.
I actually like the paint scheme on the 70s with the small bird on the nose, I was thinking of painting my car that way.

I like the three colored birds the best....

That orange and black that comes on the Mayab or Bucc red is such a sweet combo!!! Thats my next combo if I ever have space for two!

As a kid I always liked the Buccaneer Red, and Red has always been my favorite color. But lately I've kinda grown on the Lucerne Blue w/white stripe on the 70-72', or the Brewster Green on the 73'.

I love the shape of the 78 bird, but i also love the color design of the 79. I am at odds with which to use when i repaint my 79SE, but as hopefully that is a few years away I will have some time to stew over the original vs. preference debate.

What would you do?


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