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What do you guys think about this hood?

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My dad had a custom firebird painted on his hood.  Just posting to see what you guys think about it.

The rims came from Brett BTW.  Let me know what you think.


That paint job is SICK!!! Really nice work...

The hood bird is should do it to the sail panels and customize the lettering as well, for a uniform look. The original birs is great as well, so I didn't vote, but if you're going to be custom, go all the way, if you're going to be original, be that all the way. Being a former painter myself, I can tell you those flames are not easy, but well worth the compliments. It'd be cool to do the shaker as well, to have flames appearing to come from the front of it heading towards the winshield. Post more pics if you get more work!!

That is an awesome hood bird... nice job on the paint work.

That is just too cool! I didnt vote because I think both custom and original kickass. But like Evilways said, doing the lettering and stuff would really compliment the whole car. And in my opinion I would have done more of a pheonix head than an eagle head. Still kickass though.


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